Women In Ministry Team

Lori Barrow

Team Leader, Treasurer

Carolyn Watson

Team Leader, Retreat Coordinator

I am a lover of God who is passionate about serving the women in the body of Christ.

I’m a photographer, watercolorist, wife, Mom, Gramma, friend. I love being in the mountains, walking on the beach and just feeling the breeze on my skin.

Diane Hallquist

Decorating & Set Up

I am a God-seeker, wife, mother of 3 lovelies and grandma of 6 adorable littles (who are growing TOO fast!)

I love to read, sew, do crafts (especially with those littles!), camp, hike, serve where needed.

I am grateful & blessed

Kris Pauls

Bible Study, Entertainment

Erin Tabailloux

Publicity, Missions, Entertainment

I am a wife, mom to one joyful toddler, and friend to anyone who wants my friendship. I am passionate about seeking out the good works the Lord has prepared in advance for me.

Most days you’ll find me cooking, thrifting, taking walks to the park, and drinking lots of coffee.  

Melissa Pirkle

Feed the Need, Girlfriend Connections

Known to those closest to her as “Miss”, she is a disciple of Jesus and stoked to be married to her husband of 5 years.

She loves unfiltered conversations and riding motorcycles with her Dad.

Melissa is a Medical Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in swallow rehabilitation.

She is a lover of wisdom and an unashamedly strong female who loves helping other ladies reach the “themiest” versions of themselves by connecting with the Lord.

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