Ladies. YOU ARE INVITED TO OUR AUGUST HEART-TO-HEART:        HOLY SPIRIT —  WORSHIP POTLUCK SUNDAY, August 5, 2018 6 – 8 pm Father’s House, Atascadero Please participate in our mealtime by bringing a “finger-food” for our potluck fellowship table. You can also share in our time of worship, prayer, and praise with a verse youContinue reading “HOLY SPIRIT — WORSHIP POTLUCK”

Let’s Worship Him Together

“But You are holy, O thou that inhabits the praises of Israel” (Psalm 22:3) “LET US BECOME MORE AWARE OF YOUR PRESENCE … LET US EXPERIENCE THE GLORY OF YOUR GOODNESS”  … Holy Spirit (Jesus Culture) Father’s House Forever Girlfriends invites you to join us on Sunday evening, September 6 from  6:00  to 8:00 pm, in theContinue reading “Let’s Worship Him Together”

Finding Freedom Through Worship

Sometimes people feel stuck in their spiritual life. What was once an adventure now seems to be routine. Worship grows stale. Our June 5th Heart to Heart is all about finding freedom through worship— freedom in our spiritual journey, freedom in our relationships, freedom in life, and freedom with God. Ladies, you are invited toContinue reading “Finding Freedom Through Worship”