July Little House on the Millenial

REPOST – Hi ladies … please note the correct date for July’s LHM. In a JAM about what to do with all that yummy fruit coming into season? We CAN help!!!Jam Join us for July’s LITTLE HOUSE ON THE MILLENIAL and learn how to CAN JAM. (Yes, you can.) Date: Friday, July 24th Time: 9Continue reading “July Little House on the Millenial”

We all Scream for Ice Cream! Right?

The Father’s House Forever Girlfriends is hosting an OLD FASHIONED ICE CREAM SOCIAL! And we want YOU to be there. Besides the friendly, casual atmosphere (and did we mention ICE CREAM?), Carolyn Watson and Kris Pauls will be sharing from God’s Word and encouraging us to go deeper with our faith. Christina Silva will lead usContinue reading “We all Scream for Ice Cream! Right?”


The Father’s House Forever Girlfriends invites YOU to our MAY Heart-to-Heart gathering: SUMMER’S COMING — Sunday, May 3 at 6:00 p.m. in the Father’s House Ministry Training (Adult Ed) Center. We have a super fun event planned to help YOU and your favorite kids (grand kids, neighborhood kids, etc.) prepare for an amazing summer vacationContinue reading “EEEEK! SUMMER’S COMING!”

Fran’s Ice Cream Musings

When we think of long hot summer days, I wonder how many of us rush to the store to stock up on ice cream.  Some of us have ice cream in our freezer all year round, and others seem to think that the summer months is the only times to buy ice cream. Either wayContinue reading “Fran’s Ice Cream Musings”

Lava Flow Mocktails

Hi girls, I loved being in Hawaii and my absolute favorite drink there was a Lava Flow. I finally found a recipe for one in the lastest issue of Cuisine at Home to share with you. Perfect for this hot summer weather! Feel free to experiment and change things to your taste. (Val…I hope you comeContinue reading “Lava Flow Mocktails”