Next of Kin Murder Mystery Dinner

February 10th If you are an adult and breathin’, you’re invited–February 10th at 6:00 in the Father’s House family room–to an evening full of fantastic food, a frenzy of family and pure southern hospitality . . . well all accept for . . . MURDER! Enormous wealth has coursed through the veins of the SugarbakerContinue reading “Next of Kin Murder Mystery Dinner”

Calendar Update …

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who are participating in the production of our Calendar fundraiser.  We’ve had some photos taken and more photo shoots scheduled.  Your time in preparing for your month is greatly appreciated.  Be thinking about who you might give the calendar as a gift to and whoContinue reading “Calendar Update …”

We need models!!!

Hello ladies! We’re having a calendar fundraiser and would like the PMS, SAS and MyPOD groups to be the models. You will each take four months and come up with ideas to make each month fun and different. We’d like to use different people in each month and hopefully only use each person once. WeContinue reading “We need models!!!”