Heather Morrell … ‘Living My Story’

Living and Waiting – My Story I am in a time of living. A time of learning to be content and of doing the most with what I have been given. I am in a time of living. I want to make the most of the mundane moments of my day and to be onContinue reading “Heather Morrell … ‘Living My Story’”

Bekah Beatty … ‘Living My Story’

 On February 23, 2010 I gave birth to my second son, Benjamin Logan Beatty. It has not completely sunk in yet that I am a mother of two small boys (my first son, Brandon, was just 19 months when his little brother was born). I have not yet gotten into my rhythm as my husbandContinue reading “Bekah Beatty … ‘Living My Story’”

Introducing the Word DIVAS !

 In July of 2009, the four of us “girlfriends” formed an informal, online critique group to see if having some regular help and accountability would serve to foster our lagging writing efforts. The nearly instantaneous success in our getting articles and stories into magazines and contests, coupled with the energy generated when we had ourContinue reading “Introducing the Word DIVAS !”

Living My Story

When you turn forty, I think it’s normal to step back and take stock (after, of course, the realization that you’re now FORTY! sinks in.)  In truth, I’ve seen more hardship than most people I know.  Each circumstance drastically changed my life for the worse.  It’s actually pretty depressing when you throw in all theContinue reading “Living My Story”