Gratitude or Grief?

The month of November is often a time when our thoughts turn to gratitude (not a bad thing, right?) So what comes quickly to mind when you want to express thankfulness? Your family? Your best friend? Your job? What if I suggested you need to express gratitude for something you are grieving? Like the loss of a parent, an unexpected financial crisis, or having to move far away from your home state. How does that feel? 

The apostle Paul shares in Philippians 4 that he has found a way to be content in all circumstances—whether having little or plenty, whether hungry or full. And we know his journey as a believer has been anything but easy.  How does he do that? 

My friend Debbra, a grief counselor, found that by being thankful in advance of the good things God promises us in His Word, regardless of the current circumstances, takes us out of the cloud of dismay and into the power of faith. By being thankful for Go—for who He is—and that He is present in us no matter what situation we are in—we can say as Paul did: “I find that the strength of Christ’s explosive power infuses me to conquer every difficulty” (Philippians 4:13 TPT)

Let’s challenge ourselves to conquer our difficulties by declaring God’s goodness to us this November. We can be thankful in ALL circumstances, Amen?

One response to “Gratitude or Grief?”

  1. Hey bud!!!!!!!!!!!!!Boy did i need this today!!!!!!!!!!!!Miss you my friend!!!!

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