The Process

Even at the tiniest of ages thoughts about who we are begin to form. This happens by things that are said or assumed, looks sent our direction or even to something past us that we don’t realize is there. Comments made about the way we did something … even if they’re positive comments. Expectations of what we might do in the future … etc.

A vision of who we are or are going to be begins to form …

But at the same time that vision is forming from comments and things from things in this world, something is happening … something else is in the oven … God has a plan … one that couldn’t be seen …

Let’s change directions a little …

I was thinking about what it’s like when we’re wanting God to do some thing in our lives and feel as though nothing is happening makes me think of the process of baking.

When you first start out to bake or cook the early preparation that’s being done doesn’t really show any evidence that something is going to be baked. You might be thinking about the recipe in your head or what recipe you might use. You might put a list of supplies down on a piece of paper or into your phone so that you’re ready when it’s time to go shopping. And then you go and you do the shopping. You’re there in the store and you see people and they see you but no one knows what’s happening. And then you bring the supplies home and still maybe no one really knows that you are preparing to bake or make a meal. It isn’t until you actually start to bake or cook and the fragrance of the food fills the air that it is realized something is up. Something is happening. A work is truly in progress. 

When we open our hearts to God, it’s like that … the preparation is being done … we’ve read the word … we’ve prayed … we’ve said yes to God … no one can see in the early stages that something is happening. No one knows the great work God is doing in our lives. As we persevere. As we walk in obedience and follow His plan … slowly things begin to develop … things begin to change in our lives … the fragrance of what He is doing in our lives begins to be evident … 

The transformation process is happening …

We are dining with Him and He with us …

The veils have been removed from our faces and we are being changed … transformed … from the randomness in our lives … like the random supplies in your cart … God takes all the ingredients He’s put into you and is making something beautiful … something useful … something tasteful and something good. 

He wants you to know that He loves you more deeply than you can imagine. That you are very important. That He is doing a bigger work in you than you can know.  When the fragrance of that work begins to show in your life it will be more evident. So be confident of this and wait on Him. 

p.s. This is a word the Lord gave me which I shared at our team retreat in January and a repost from my own blog at

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