An Encouraging Word: Incarnation Awe

The willingness of Jesus, who created this world, to submit to his Father and “recreate” himself to be limited by a body like ours is hard to fathom. God becoming flesh goes beyond limited. He was restricted by circumstances so inconceivable that humankind is compelled to replace the wonder of “Immanuel…God with us,” with serene nativities, inspirational music, and sentimental holiday reflections, at best. 

In reality, we cannot fathom the incarnation. To picture the baby born in the stable hanging on a cross is horrifying. But, perhaps that is the connection we need to make. It’s what Jesus did. The same Creator that lay in the wooden manger carried the splintery crossbar through Jerusalem’s streets. The Christ child found under the bright star in the East wore his gift of frankincense under blood-soaked grave cloths. He loved us beyond the limits of our finite minds and our fragile hearts. He still loves us that much. Such love…such wondrous love.

Prayer:  Lord, I am not worthy of your sacrifice—the sacrifice that began the moment you left your place as Creator and became created. Yet, you call me to yourself and smile when I lean your way.   

Thought for the day:  Am I seeing God’s glory in Christmas? 

Prayer focus:  Those who are offended by the true meaning of Christmas.

Jeanette Morris

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