An Encouraging Word to Those Under Pressure

from Tom Gaddis

Ever feel like a crushed grape between the toes of someone? That’s tribulation! And Jesus in this verse tells us the truth: You will have tribulation! He does not allow His followers to live in private fiction about the way things really are.

Tribulation is that external and outward pressure upon your soul. It is an equal opportunity employer—we all experience pressure. We all have found ourselves at the end of a day feeling treaded down! 

These pressures can come from any one of a number of sources: the devil, the consequences of our choices, or the circumstances of life. And the truth is that if pressure on the outside of us is greater than the strength on the inside of us, we will  collapse. 

But Jesus brings hope! In John 16:33, Jesus points out that his victory over this world with its pressures is shared with his followers. His victory is our victory. In Christ the weak can be made strong. Through Christ we can be stronger on the inside than the pressures, troubles, and problems are on the outside.

Today ask Christ to give you:

  • strength equal to your tasks,  
  • inner peace stronger than outer storms,
  • hope on the inside when there is only defeat on the outside.

The victory is ours to claim!  

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