An Encouraging Word: Taking Hold

Several years ago, I was challenged in a post by my pastor to examine what “success” looks like as a follower of Jesus. The gist of the post reminded me that my focus should not be on “doing more” to complete my God-given purposes, but to “take hold” of the Christ of the Gospels and “be more” like him in my relationships with others.  

All too aware that God sends me to the other side of the planet to shine for His glory, I’m incapable of shining when I’m striving without the right heart—his heart. I can’t “take hold” of Jesus when I’m hyper-focused on appearances, meeting expectations (mostly my own), and worrying about disappointing someone with my inadequacies. 


The Jesus of the Gospels always had time to listen to people’s needs and fears, to touch, to care, to heal, to pray, to laugh, to tell stories. He moved seamlessly through all levels of society and spoke what he heard his Father saying; he did what his Father asked him to do. Nothing more–nothing less.  

I’m longing for this kind of success. How about you? 

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I do want people to see more of you and less of me.  Help me to follow your example to listen to the Father and do as he lovingly commands. Show me your ways, that I may walk in love. 

— Jeanette Morris

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