An Encouraging Word 3

God’s Still Small (but not Silly) Voice

Early last year I was purchasing some small gifts to hand out at our ministry planning retreat. The theme I had decided on was personal care items. With the lotions, face wipes, etc., the idea popped into my head to buy hand sanitizer. But when it came time to go to retreat I had second thoughts. It seemed silly … who would want hand sanitizer as a gift? So I returned them.

Then the pandemic hit and everyone needed hand sanitizer. I hurried to our local store hoping to buy those purse-size hand sanitizers again … but no. All the stores were sold out. How could I possibly have known what was about to happen? 

For the rest of 2020, my lack of listening to that still small voice went round and round in my head. God put the idea there, but I didn’t recognize his voice because it seemed silly. Instead, what a timely and God-directed gift it would have been if I had just followed through with what I had heard. 

We’re told in Isaiah 1:19 that if we’re willing and obedient we’ll eat the good of the land. My hope is that next time I’m more willing and obedient.

God’s voice may be small, but it’s not silly! 

–Carolyn V Watson

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