How the Past can Serve Us Today

A word of encouragement and some great helpful hints from a survivor of the Cold War.

Hi friends! Jeanette Morris here. How are you all doing?

In my early years of ministry to Russia I was privileged to meet several Campus Crusade staff who had lived and/or served in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. One of these missionaries, Dorota, sent me the link to this fascinating blog post today. I had asked Dorota if she could remember what it was like during Soviet times in Poland (her native country) where there were always shortages and martial law, etc., and if she had any tips to offer.  She thought her friend, Debby Thompson’s  post was spot on and so insightful for such a time as this.  Please take a minute to read and reflect.

Who could have imagined that the Cold War of the last century could have a message for the Corona War of 2020? This is a great example of cultivating an intentional life in the midst of craziness!  Would love to hear how you are coping–and if any of these tips resonate with you. Be blessed.

One response to “How the Past can Serve Us Today”

  1. This is so good Jeanette! I’ve been thinking about wartime through the many books I’ve read on the subject so much during this time. It’s such a crazy experience. Thank you so much for sharing and for the linked article. Excellent!


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