It’s always interesting when Lori and I get together to discuss the theme for the coming year. God always has us thinking along the same lines. I don’t know why I’m surprised about that, but I always am. It’s so exciting! To me, one thing it says is that He has good plans for all of us in the coming year!

So, Overflow …

We’re always called to go deeper with Him. To seek Him more through time in prayer and in reading His Word. But that’s not the end. There’s more … He calls us to step out with those areas that we’re reading about. To share the growth that’s happening in our lives. To touch people. To bear fruit.

Bearing fruit is something every living thing on this planet does in one way or another. Our walks with Him are to bear fruit.

We’re ready to see more of that happening in this coming year.

We’re ready to see the fruit He grows in your life and ours as we walk in His ways, pleasing Him in everything we do.

We’re ready to watch and grow right alongside you as we each yield to Him and mature in knowing Him in His fullness!

We’re ready to Overflow onto our community … whatever that means for you and for me. Maybe your community is your parent or your child, maybe your neighbor, maybe something or someone further out than that. Open your heart to Him and allow Him to grow you up just a little bit more this year.

And then watch Him work!

We want to pray for you! We want to help you get to that place He is calling you to. Ask us to pray. Be bold in getting that Overflow in your life!






p.s. Join us each first Sunday of the Month at 6 for our Heart to Heart.

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