Communion with God or fellow Christians is the meaning of the name of the conference grounds we use for our ladies retreat. Have you had a chance to sign up yet? We’d love to have you there and the date is quickly approaching!


We’ll have several ladies sharing at the different meetings, so you’ll get a variety of personalities and life experiences. While you’re there, we’ll offer time for …



  • connecting with God
  • ministry
  • building friendships
  • making new friends
  • fun & laughter
  • relaxation



The cost is $175. We have partial scholarships available if you’re unable to make the full amount. This retreat is well worth the cost!

Koinonia - Hillside ChapelYou can either call (805) 466-3191 or stop by the church office, or leave a comment here with questions or to let us know you want to go.

We hope you join us for some koinonia!

Retreat dates … October 6-8th.

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One response to “Koinonia”

  1. Terri Vanderhoeven Avatar
    Terri Vanderhoeven

    Hi all,

    When us final date for turning in money? Thanks – I am pretty excited for this 😊


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