Why Should I Sign Up for Retreat?

It’s a big question … maybe you aren’t even consciously considering attending this year …

Retreat has had a huge impact on my walk with Jesus since the beginning of my salvation.

Someone told me I should go that first year … so I did. My girls were young … but I really needed God and Jim told me to just go. I was hesitant about so many things … who would I ride with, who would I room with, who would I sit with at the sessions and at meals?

But God wanted me there … just like He wants you there.

He wanted to meet me and to bring healing and freedom to me … just like He wants to do for you.

We all need time with our sisters in Christ. We all need time away from home. We all need healing and freedom in some area of our lives.

Are you waiting for a personal invitation?

Are you waiting to be struck with lightning from heaven as confirmation that you should go? (I’ve thought things like that before)

Do you have the funds to go?

Please, consider this your personal invitation. I’ll sit with you when we’re there … If you need money, please ask … we have half scholarships available.

We want you there. We want to get to know you. We want to see God work in your life!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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