Fall Bible Study


Stories are entertaining and often informative. But they can also be instructional and inspirational—even life changing—when we see our own faults, foibles, and fears through the lens of plot and character.

Jesus used stories to share his good-news message of reconciliation with God. Sometimes the stories required soul searching and explanation, which encouraged discussion, transparency, and motivation to change. His stories had purpose—and so do the stories in 21 Days of Grace.

Even though fictional, the themes and truths in 21 Days of Grace were designed to do just what Jesus modeled: pointing people to God’s unconditional love.

Forever Girlfriends Fall Bible Study will begin Friday, Oct 16 at 10 a.m. and run for 6 weeks. We will be using our Bibles PLUS the newly released “Fiction-lovers Devotional” – 21 Days of Grace and its accompanying reader’s study guide. Please join us for this unique approach to gleaning and applying truths from God’s Word to our everyday lives.

Sign ups being taken now in the foyer at church or by calling Carolyn Watson @ 712-0549.  Jeanette Morris, one of the contributing authors of 21 Days of Grace, will be leading the study.

(Cost for the 21 Days of Grace book is $8.00)

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