April H2H

The Father’s House Forever Girlfriends welcomes YOU to our April Heart-to-Heart gathering—this time on the second Sunday, April 12 at 6:00 p.m. Our focus will be “outward” as we turn our hearts toward missions with Lori Barrow, who just returned from leading a 10-week YWAM team outreach to Costa Rica.

Another part of this fun evening will beMissions - Go Phase One of a local outreach project we are doing. We’ll have all the materials ready for your willing hands. Don’t worry if you aren’t “crafty.” This one is easy-peasy.

And don’t forget food. We always have food!

So grab a girlfriend (or, your daughter or niece if she is 15 or older) and join us.

See you there! {2100 Ramona Road, Atascadero}

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