Fall Bible Study

Weathering Life’s Storms/Jesus, Our Shelter –   

Life isn’t easy. At any moment, around any corner, we can be thrown off balance by an unexpected crisis, an unpleasant difficulty, an inconvenient circumstance. It’s impossible to be human and to have life go smoothly.

Most of us do our best to endure our difficulties, wait them out,Jesus and the Storm hoping the storm will quickly subside and life will return to “normal” – whatever normal is. But the truth of the matter is, difficulties change us. Sometimes they make us stronger—sometimes weaker. Sometimes we become bitter, angry, or simply give up.

Other times we emerge from a crisis with a new sense of purpose—as if a light bulb suddenly turned on in a dark room. What makes the difference?

In this study, we will examine four types of storms—four reasons storms come into our lives—using biblical stories as examples. Then we will focus on the means for weathering these storms: 1) standing on a firm foundation—God’s Word and 2) allowing Jesus to be our role model. He knows about storms – survived plenty of them himself. And he left us with declarations of comfort, reassurance and hope. HE is our Shelter in life’s unpredictable storms.

Sign up at church today and join us this Fall for this four week Friday morning study beginning October 24th at 10 a.m. in the Adult Education Room at Father’s House. The cost is $5.

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  1. Hello, Carolyn…

    Do you have room for 1 more? I think I can make the next 4 Wednesdays. Love the topic 🙂 Caroline

    Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2014 15:17:04 +0000 To: carolinedillard@live.com


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