A Tuscan Evening – Photos

Great food. Great ladies. Great fun!

Carolyn V, Carolyn V Photography, Forever Girlfriends August H2H_0008 August H2H_0009 August H2H_0011 August H2H_0012 August H2H_0014 August H2H_0016 August H2H_0018 August H2H_0020 August H2H_0022 August H2H_0026 August H2H_0028 August H2H_0032 August H2H_0035 August H2H_0037 August H2H_0039 August H2H_0044 August H2H_0047 August H2H_0050 August H2H_0060 August H2H_0069 August H2H_0072 August H2H_0073 August H2H_0074 August H2H_0075 August H2H_0081

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