Retreat 2013

Retreat_0284 Retreat 2013_0122 Retreat 2013_0117 Retreat 2013_0115 Retreat 2013_0113 crop Retreat 2013_0112 Retreat_0279 Retreat_0263 Retreat_0261 Retreat_0259 Retreat_0257 Retreat_0256 Retreat_0255 Retreat_0253 Retreat 2013_0109 Retreat 2013_0106 Retreat 2013_0103 Retreat 2013_0100 Retreat 2013_0099 Retreat 2013_0098 Retreat 2013_0096 Retreat 2013_0094 Retreat 2013_0091 Retreat 2013_0087 Retreat 2013_0083 Retreat 2013_0082 Retreat 2013_0077 Retreat 2013_0076 Retreat_0252 Retreat_0251 Retreat_0250 Retreat_0249 Retreat_0248 Retreat_0246 Retreat_0243 Retreat_0242 Retreat_0241 Retreat_0240 Retreat_0238 Retreat_0235 Retreat_0234 Retreat_0231 Retreat_0228 Retreat_0226 Retreat_0225 Retreat_0224 Retreat_0222 Retreat_0221 Retreat_0217 a Retreat_0216 Retreat_0214 Retreat_0212 Retreat_0210 Retreat_0209 Retreat_0206 Retreat_0205 Retreat_0203 Retreat_0200 Retreat_0194 Retreat_0191 Retreat_0188 Retreat_0185 Retreat_0184 Retreat_0183 Retreat_0181 Retreat_0179 Retreat_0176 Retreat_0175 Retreat_0173 Retreat_0172 Retreat_0165 Retreat_0162 Retreat_0308 Retreat_0302 Retreat_0301 Retreat_0300 Retreat_0297 Retreat_0295 Retreat_0294 Retreat_0293 Retreat_0289 Retreat_0287Retreat 2013_0124 Retreat 2013_0132 Retreat 2013_0134 Retreat 2013_0002 Retreat 2013_0005 Retreat 2013_0008 Retreat 2013_0010 Retreat 2013_0016 Retreat 2013_0017 Retreat 2013_0022 Retreat 2013_0024 Retreat 2013_0027 Retreat 2013_0028 Retreat 2013_0030 Retreat 2013_0032 Retreat 2013_0033 Retreat 2013_0034 Retreat 2013_0037 Retreat 2013_0039 Retreat 2013_0041 Retreat 2013_0042 Retreat 2013_0043 Retreat 2013_0044 Retreat 2013_0045 Retreat 2013_0048 Retreat 2013_0050 Retreat 2013_0051 Retreat 2013_0054 Retreat 2013_0061 Retreat 2013_0064 Retreat 2013_0065 Retreat 2013_0066

4 responses to “Retreat 2013”

  1. I had so much fun looking at every single one of these beautiful photos of beautiful women (and one little man). The sparkling eyes and shining faces tell it all. Can’t wait to hear more. I love you all!!


    1. Yay! We did have an amazing time! Wish you were there! God was moving mightily!


  2. It looks like you ladies had a wonderfully fun time as you always do. Wish I was there.


    1. We did Barbie. You should go with us next year … something to think about. ­čÖé


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