Highlights of a Forever Girlfriends Retreat

Fran Graham
Fran Graham

As the city shrinks to a mere speck in my rear view mirror and the moist, lush, rich green undergrowth, trees and hilly views appear before me, I can feel the stresses and cares of life fade away to nothing, only to be replaced by an excited expectancy yet again. It literally feels as if negativity oozes away as I get deeper in to the “Woods of Watsonville”.

This happens every year as my car climbs the windy Santa Cruz hills toward Camp Koinonia which means only one thing. It’s October – time for fun, games, worship, laughter, girlfriends, teaching, self-discovery and escapes to the redwood covered hillsides for LADIES’ RETREAT again!

If you haven’t been with us to Ladies’ Retreat before, you’re in for fun adventures of many types. Whether you need to have a time of reflection, peace and quiet or if you’re in the mood for lots of laughter and chatter with other ladies, you’ll always find plenty of opportunities to do both at Ladies’ Retreat.

Let me share some of my favorite retreat highlights that are also yours to enjoy this year.

Katie and Chris
Katie and Chris
  • The drama team always surprises us with hilarious skits and entertainment.
  • The intimate worship and great teaching draws us closer to the Lord as He refreshes us with His presence and shares His plans for our future with us.
  • The scenery is amazing and provides numerous opportunities to explore the beautiful trails that wander off in to the woods. If that’s your cup of tea too, bring good walking shoes. The trails can be very steep.
  • The ropes course on Saturday afternoon is a challenging way to stretch and grow.
  • Or, you can just sit and have a hot drink, a snack and talk with your friends, old and new.
  • Saturday morning always includes a choice of crafts to make, mission projects to create, girlfriend stuff like crazy photos, board games around the fireplace, and a cozy coffee shop to catch up on all the news with your girlfriends.
  • You can go and read a book or have a nap.
  • You can go for a swim unless you’re one of the shopping types who prefer to explore Santa Cruz.
Photo Booth at Women's Retreat
Photo Booth

The choices are endless and there is something for everyone so if you haven’t signed up yet it’s not too late, come and join us!

Hope to see  you there! Fran

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