Another Sneak Peek at a Retreat Workshop

Wow, retreat is coming up fast! And we’d love to give you another sneak peek at one of our Friday evening workshops. We talked Jeanette Morris into sharing about her workshop, Shadowing Jesus In the Midst of Ugly With Your God-given Passions.

Live on purpose

You know when it happens—that stirring in your gut, that quickening of your spirit, that rush of adrenaline that ramps up your heartbeat. It’s your PASSION! It’s what you can’t wait to do – to get back to – or start doing.

Did you know that God planted that “gotta do it” desire inside of you for His kingdom purpose? Did you know that your passion is His unique mission for you?

In my workshop, I will help you identify your passion-based mission (if you don’t know it already) and then brainstorm creative and exciting ways you can submit that passion to Jesus and thereby fulfill his command to “Go…”

So, now you’ve been given another quick peek at one of our three workshops offered on Friday night. Which one will you choose to attend? (And oh, in case you missed it, take a look at our Self-Care workshop.)

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