Next of Kin Murder Mystery Dinner

February 10th
If you are an adult and breathin’, you’re invited–February 10th at 6:00 in the Father’s House family room–to an evening full of fantastic food, a frenzy of family and pure southern hospitality . . . well all accept for . . . MURDER! Enormous wealth has coursed through the veins of the Sugarbaker family longer than the Sugarbakers themselves care to remember. All they care about is who got it and who wants it. Big Daddy Sugarbaker is throwing a Grand Southern Event, like only Big Daddy Sugarbaker can! Only the sweetest of the south are on the guest list. Be a southern sleuth and figure out who done it at our Next of Kin Murder Mistery Dinner. It’s only $15.00 per person
for fabulous food and rip-roaring entertainment. This is an event that raises funds for our ladies ministries. Tickets are on sale during January and reservations are limited.

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