Girls Night Out!

Ladies–we’re having a movie night to see “Lost in Austen”

Amanda Price is sick of the modern world. She yearns for the romance and
elegance found in the books by her favorite author, Jane Austen. But she’s about
to get a rude awakening as one fateful evening, she is propelled into the
scheming 19th century world of Pride and Prejudice while that book’s Elizabeth
Bennet is hurled into hers. As the book’s familiar plot unfolds, Amanda triggers
new romantic twists and turns within the Bennet family circle as she clumsily
tries to help the sisters nab husbands and even captivates the tantalizing Mr.
Darcy herself. But what about Elizabeth…and what will become of one of the
world’s greatest love stories?

on Sunday, August 7th at

Cara Goldensmith’s

7760 Yesal, Atascadero

at 6:00.

Bring a snack to share if your last name

begins with A-M,

or drinks to share if N-Z.

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