Maintaining Your House While Building a Home

Are you overwhelmed with trying to keep you house clean and raise your kids? So you work full-time or struggle as a single mom doing it all? Do you need some tips to help get your house organized and still have a life? How good are you at homeschooling and having a clean house?

Hey girl friends, all of us could use some tips on maintaining a house while we build a home. I just came across a great article on how to do so. Although this article highlights single moms, who have far more to do than those of us with husbands, I found it a great idea for  housecleaning for any mom who is trying to have a life and a clean house. The focus is on “theme days.”

Read the article and see there are a few tips you can begin to use at your house: Organizational Help For Desperate Single Moms.

One response to “Maintaining Your House While Building a Home”

  1. daniellaindie Avatar

    Those are a great ideas, Susan! My absolute all-time favorite house help website is She’s like the Southern aunt I never had, and she alternately encourages and kicks my butt to keep my house nice and neat. =)


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