Fit For LIfe

Wyndy Buckner

Hey Girl Friends,

My friend Wyndy Buckner has this awesome Biblical plan for a healthy lifestyle. Visit her website for stories, a store, questions and answers, and a great blog on Christian perspectives for a healthy lifestyle.

Wyndy has also written a great ebook- workbook that:

  • Demonstrates the trap and the facts of an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Reveals Satan’s purpose to steal our physical health
  • Stresses biblical virtue and teachings that are necessary to unlock the trap
  • What is great about this ebook is that you can download it to your computer as soon as you purchase it. Not only is  it full of scriptural information on a healthy lifestyle, but it is visually beautiful. I’m working on a review of the Fit For Life Workbook, so watch my blog, Holy in the Daily, for a full review within the next week or two.

    Visit Wyndy’s website and support her efforts to bring us into a healthy lifestyle.

    One response to “Fit For LIfe”

    1. Jeanette Morris Avatar
      Jeanette Morris

      As the editor for Wyndy’s Fit for Life workbook, I second the motion! Home schoolers? Get it!


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