Kris’ Top Ten

Deals of the Week

Sooooo the question remains….. Who will stand up to the shopping challenge… I think it’s you!

Maybe it’s the weather, but I still want to B.B.Q., however this week a good New York sounds tasty! Snacks in the afternoon of Oranges and yummy Strawberries for dessert with a  .69c White or Angel cake, a dollop of light Whip and with swirls of Chocolate!

For the Week of Wed. March 17th. – Tue. March 23rd. 2010


1)    New York Steaks $3.97 lb.

2)    Navel Oranges .49c lb.

3)    Post Cereal $1.69 ea. (limit 10)

4)    Nabisco Snack Crackers $1.69 ea. (limit 3, Fri. Sat. Sun.)

BONUS BUENOS DEALIO….. Dryers Ice Cream $2.39 ea. (limit 5)

@ Spencers 

5)    Cuties $2.99 for a 3lb. bag ….This one’s for you Jules 

Did you know……  That I don’t know how Paul did it….almost no positive human response, and only his Bible once imprisoned and “considered it all joy” as James said … amazing! 

@ Vons

6)    Whole Chicken .77c lb.

7)     Strawberries $1.50 ea. pkg.

8)    Crisp Braeburn Apples .88c lb.

9)    Oreos $1.99 pkg. (wow) Sat., Sun. only

10) Pillsbury Cake Mix (with coupon, in ad) .69c ea

@ the Grocery Discount Center

They still have Stash or Celestial Season. Tea Boxes (with cellophane still on them) $1.00 ea.

(in a grocery cart near the back of the store) It’s a great time for a little stock-up or buy some for Susan …she is always brewing!!!  😉 Discount for you … blessing for her!

OK so what was your favorite deal this week?  I will fill the list on uninspiring weeks with my fav. spots for buying healthy foods on a budget and YOU will need to “comment” on your fav. hot spots for dealios. Every week, I will pick a winner of “The Best Deal of the Week”

Don’t I just love a good deal!

Kristen Pauls

One response to “Kris’ Top Ten”

  1. Scolaris
    24 pk of waters 1.99 (with 25 dollar min. purchase,easy to do)
    12 pk of shasta sodas 1.49
    I stocked up for the youth!! for both of these. The waters can be for debra in the office,CAMPING, Mtc room…. Womens retreat if all stored in a cool place will last just fine!

    Also, Life cereal and raisin bran for 1.95?
    oranges for .69 cents and pork for $1.something! I never shop here, but it was a great deal! Thanks Kris!!


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