Bekah Beatty … ‘Living My Story’

 On February 23, 2010 I gave birth to my second son, Benjamin Logan Beatty. It has not completely sunk in yet that I am a mother of two small boys (my first son, Brandon, was just 19 months when his little brother was born). I have not yet gotten into my rhythm as my husband has not yet gone back to work. I am very nervous about how I will handle being a mom of two. This is my life in the physical, and it seems my life in the spiritual has taken back seat. I am trying to find out how to handle everything. How do I give time and attention to everyone: a newborn, a very active 19 month old, a husband that has been so amazing these past two weeks and where does God fit in all this? I have been so hungry for MORE of God. I want to be authentic and in love with HIM. But how can I nurture a deep relationship with God when it’s hard to even have a close relationship with my husband right now? I understand this is an age old issue. The people in my life NEED me and God would like to have my heart and attention too. I pray for myself that I will find the balance. It won’t be perfect by any means, but I do want to strive for balance.

2 responses to “Bekah Beatty … ‘Living My Story’”

  1. Carolyn V Watson Avatar
    Carolyn V Watson

    Your family is beautiful Bekah! You all look so happy!


  2. Thank you for sharing your story. LOL. You are a great Mom!


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