Kris’ Top Ten

Deals of the Week

I’m thinking of classic B-B-Q-in this week. Starting with some great guacamole and corn chips, and then movin’ on to some T-bone steaks or Pork spare ribs. Throw everything out that’s not smotherd in barbecue sauce and we’re happy as men!…lol @ myself! 

For the Week of Wed. March 3rd. – Tue. March 9th 2010 


1) T-Bones (flavorlishious) $3.97 lb.

2) Navel Oranges a 4 lb. bag for .99c. ! (Th. 1pm-9pm.)

3) Kellogg’s Cereal 2 for $3.00 (Th. 1pm.-9pm.)

@ Spencers


4) Avocados AGAIN, SO GREAT! 3 for $1.00
5) Seedless Tangerines 4lb. Bag just $2.00 Wowie Zowie!

6) Pork Spareribs $1.79 lb. 

Did you know……  That in approx 1 ounce of lean beef there is 100 cal. Compare that to the 50 cal’s found  in white meat chicken or the all inspiring 25 cal’s in most sea food ie: shrimp, crab, halibut, talapia etc. ( No, not salmon, sorry.) 

@ Vons

7) King Crab and Claws 8.99lb. ( I must be hungry, …Thats’ spendy)
8) Mushrooms .99c ea. package

9) String cheese $1.99

@ The Grocery Discount Center

10) Stash or Celestial Season. Tea Boxes (with celophane still on them) $1.00 ea.

(in a grocery cart near the back of the store) It’s a great time for a little stock-up or buy some for Susan …she is always brewing !!!  😉 Discount for you.. blessing for her!

 OK so what was your favorite deal this week?  I will fill the list on uninspiring weeks with my fav. spots for buying healthy foods on a budget and YOU will need to “comment” on your fav. hot spots for dealios. Every week, I will pick a winner of “The Best Deal of the Week”

P.S. If you’re lookin’ for a shoppin’ partner call me, I love a good deal!

Kristen Pauls

One response to “Kris’ Top Ten”

  1. Carolyn V Watson Avatar
    Carolyn V Watson

    Wow! I posted this for you and I missed the great deal on oranges! It pays to pay closer attention to what your reading! Thanks Kris for doing this for us. You really do find some good deals. I’m going shopping today.


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