Introducing the Word DIVAS !

 In July of 2009, the four of us “girlfriends” formed an informal, online critique group to see if having some regular help and accountability would serve to foster our lagging writing efforts. The nearly instantaneous success in our getting articles and stories into magazines and contests, coupled with the energy generated when we had our monthly lunch meetings, launched us into what is now our burgeoning public image: the Word DIVAS (Dedicated & Incredibly Vivacious Authors)

Our website tagline is “changing our world with our words.” That just about says it all. We are hoping that our Christian worldview will permeate our writing for the secular audience and point people to Jesus. We want to be high-quality representatives of conservative values while addressing the issues that concern people in our community.

Our first overture into the public arena happens this Friday as we meet with the editor of the Atascadero News, proposing a series of four articles to appear in the paper this year. Please pray for us as we step out beyond the walls of Fathers House and into His incarnation glory.

And yes, please visit our new Web site! We want you all to be a part of this story…

In His hands,

Diane, Jeanette, Mary, and Susan

4 responses to “Introducing the Word DIVAS !”

  1. What a vivacious group of ladies!!!! I am glad to know each of you in my life!


  2. Carolyn V Watson Avatar
    Carolyn V Watson

    Nice to meet you four as you ‘Live Your Story’! I’m excited to see what our God will do with you and the talents He’s given each of you!


  3. Thanks for posting our article! We are counting on our forever girlfriends to pray for us. To God be the glory!


  4. I have to say I love this picture :-). Priceless! Thanks, Carolyn, for the photo shoot!!!


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