Calendar Outreach Photos

This afternoon a group of us invaded the Vineyard Hills care facility and handed out our Forever Girlfriends calendars to the lovely women who live there.

We first visited women in the dining room and then those who rarely receive visitors. We never made it to all the 98 women residents, but the staff assured us that the remaining calendars will be given out at the Valentine’s party on Friday.

The women were really touched to receive something special and to know that we loved them and were praying for them. Some of them got tears in their eyes just to have visitors, a gift, and a smile given to them.

Let one of our Forever Girlfriends team members know if you would be interesting in visiting Vineyard Hills again with us during the week of Easter to bless these wonderful women.

3 responses to “Calendar Outreach Photos”

  1. the marshalls would love to


  2. You can count on the marshalls!!! and whom ever we can drag along!!!


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