Forever Girlfriends Team Page

Hi all … just wanted to let you know that we have a new page on our blog … it’s our FG Team page {look up at the top menu and it’s there}.

It’s a great place for you to get to know those of us who are on the Forever Girlfriends Team. If you have anything you’d like to say to us, feel free to leave your comments down at the bottom of the page.

Serving Him while loving you!

Leaning On Each Other

 p.s. if you crack up laughing when you look at me this picture, don’t feel bad. That’s what I do everytime I see it! I’m not sure what I was doing … just trying to lean into Marilyn.

2 responses to “Forever Girlfriends Team Page”

  1. love it!!!!! What a great site!


  2. Carolyn V Watson Avatar
    Carolyn V Watson

    We’re glad you like it Julie!


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