Kris’ Top Ten

A little something from me and mine… Family builder #1) After playing MadLibs with the kids one day(super fun!!! they can only use each word once), I tossed the booklet next to the bed. Later that evening I saw it and decided to play MadLibs with Glen! It was so fun! We ended up giggling like two kids. What a refreshing experience!

For the Week of Wed. Jan. 20th. – Tue. Jan. 26th 2010


1) Jazz Apples .69c lb.

@ Spencers

2) Ruby Grapefruit 2 for $1.00

3) Sweet Navel Oranges 3 lbs. for $1.00

4) White Potatoes .99c for 10 lb. bag (Sat. & Sun. only)

5) Mountain High Yoghurt $1.99 for 32oz. tub

6) Roma Tomatoes .99c lb. Did you know…….Dried Apricots have 6g. of dietary fiber, and 400mg of potassium in a serving?….O.K. kids… Open wide for some dried apricots and a glass of water to help with those growing pains in your legs!

@ Vons

7) Baby carrots .99c for a 1 lb. bag

8) Fresh Express Salad or Shreds .99c a bag

9) Life Cereal only a $1.00 a box when you buy 4 on their buy 4, save $4.00 (limit 20 items)

10) Quaker Instant Oatmeal $1.50 a box ( also on the buy 4 save $4.00.There are over 50 items to choose from) As always, be sure to check out your ads for the details. If you don’t receive one, they are always at the front of the store. Hope all your days are full of giggles!

Kristen Pauls

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  1. love this, glad you and Glen are giggling!


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