… planning into the night

Last weekend the Forever Girlfriends team had the opportunity to ‘get away’ …to seek the Lord and work on some plans for the upcoming year.

We were very busy from early morning until late in the night …

We really connected as a team …

Meeting after meeting …

you never knew what would come next.


We welcomed our newest member with a new apron … who knew she isn’t really a cook!

Looking forward to a year of fun, learning and growth with you!

4 responses to “… planning into the night”

  1. Who knew that WIM actually spelled “FUN?!?!” Actually, I guess we all do.
    I love you all and appreciate the many ways, seen and unseen, that you bless us.
    Susan, can’t wait to see the tattoo. May Sunday during announcements?


  2. I want to be on the team just for the henna tatoo!!!! Glad you ladies laughed a lot as ususal, so I am excited about the year ahead!


  3. Actually my tattoo stayed on the best (in my humble opinion) and is the darkest, BECAUSE, unlike some ladies, I kept the “mud” on all night. 🙂 And yes, Kerin, you can see it Sunday. It is on my wrist and way cool. Although Bekah’s should be more interesting since she decided to decorate the oven, so to speak.

    I have no idea what Felisa is doing in that photo. My, my.

    Bet ya can’t guess which one of our girlfriend activities that we’ll have henna tattos available. . . . You’ll just have to come to all of them and find out! (And yes, I still have lots of henna left over)



  4. Carolyn V Watson Avatar
    Carolyn V Watson

    Well … mine may not be dark, but it shows up nicely 🙂 !

    Who would of ever thought that I would have gotten a tattoo!

    Let’s see … Forever Girlfriends … FG … It could also stand for ‘Fun Girls’!

    Like Susan said … you’ll have to attend all the activities because who knows what fun God has for the FG this year!


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