Kris’s top 10

O.K. everyone Have a good time this week and shop responsibly…:)

For the Week of Wed. Jan. 13th. – Tue. Jan. 19th 2010  


1) Bananas .39c lb.

2) All Als. Brand Frozen Veggies 16 oz., Whipped Topping, Cream Cheese, and Sour Cream are in the mix and match 10 for $10.00

@ Spencers

(BONUS BUENOS DEALIO Dannon yogurt 10 for $3.00 with coupon in ad.) WOWZERS!!!  

3) Chicken. Leg Quarters .49c lb (10 lb. bag) Sat. and Sun. 
4) Fresh Baked French Bread .69c ea.

Did you know……  True Cinnamon (cassia) was the 1st. spice to be mentioned in the Bible (to Moses). Cinnamon has a remarkable therapeutic effect on Type 2 Diabetes, and has been traditionally  used to treat toothache, fight bad breath, and commonly used to stave off a common cold and aid digestion…….O.K. this is the kicker….it may also be an aphrodisiac! WOW!

@ Vons

5) Boneless Skinless Chicken Breastices $1.47lb. In a 4 lb. bag (with in ad coupon)
6) Ranchers Reserve Boneless Whole Tri Tip untrimmed $1.97 lb.

7) Large Hass Avocados 2 for a $1.00
8) Kellogs Cereal $1.50 ea. (limit 4)

9) 100% Juice (like Juicy Juice) are $1.49ea. when you buy % and save 5

10) Eggs 18 ct. $1.49 w/in ad coupon 

As always, be sure to check out your ads for the details. If you don’t receive one, they are always at the front of the store.

Hope all your days are full of bliss!

Kristen Pauls

3 responses to “Kris’s top 10”

  1. Awesome deals thanks Kris!!!


  2. P.S. The cuties at vons are 3.99 for the box@@)


  3. Thanks Julie for your response! I will track “cuties” now more closely! Good eye!


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