Mission to Grandmas

Hi Girlfriends,

I’m challenging you to get a life and write a new chapter in your everyday story. Join me in reaching out to those who need a friend.

We are planning an evening (or day) visit to our local nursing home later in January to cheer the older women residents and give them one of our Girlfriend’s calendars. Please call me, Susan, or email me if you would like to participate. I will be setting up the day and time according to what works best for everyone who would like to be a part of this “Mission to Grandmas” outreach.

Excited about Jesus,


3 responses to “Mission to Grandmas”

  1. kids or no kids makes a difference, you know mine are always with me, unless otherwise notified… haha!!! I would love to go, monday, tue, thur, fri, day!!!!! before 12pm would work best!loves and great idea.


  2. Kids are very welcome to come along. The ladies love seeing the young faces. 🙂


  3. I’m there!!!!! Just let me know. I love it when i worked with the elderly. They appreciate stuff lilke this sooo much!!!


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