Kris’s top 10 Grocery Savers

O.K. everyone this weeks a little slim on the savings…maybe the grocery stores think people are still living off of  left overs…hhhmmmm  

For the Week of Tue. Dec. 1st. – Tue. Dec. 8th.


1) Clemintine Tangerines 3 lb. bag 2.99

2) Freschetta Frozen Pizza $3.99 limit 2 (Fri-Sun)

@ Spencers

3) Harris Ranch Baja Filets $2.99lb.

4) Fresh Express Salad Mix .99c ea.

@ Vons

 Did you know…That a persons recommended vegetable intake should take up 1/2 of your plate? While your carb. and your protein should take up the other 2/4ths. ( I know my Thanksgiving plate didn’t quite look like it should have…) 

5) London Broil Top Round $1.77lb.

6) Fresh hole Boneless Pork Loin $1.77lb.    

7) Blackberries 6 oz. .97c ea.

8) Jumbo Fuji Apples .77c lb.

9)Post Honey Bunches of Oats .99c Limit 3 (Sat.-Sun)

10) 18 Count Eggs $1.49 with in ad. coupon. 

   As always, be sure to check out your adds for the details. If you don’t receive one they are always at the front of the store.

    Hope all your days are full of bliss!

 Kristen Pauls

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