Kris’s top 10 Grocery Savers

This week I am thankful for SAVINGS,
so if you want to spread a lot of holiday cheer save some cash from these adds and buy me a Coffee card! 😉

For the 9 days of Wed. Nov. 18th – Thursday!. Nov26th.

1) Birds Eye Steamfresh Veggies 10-12 oz. $1.00 ea.
2) Mrs. Cubbins Stuffing 10-12 oz. $1.69
3) 10 lb. bag of Russets .99c
4) Cool Whip .99c
5) Free Movie ticket for buying 2 boxes of General Mills Cereal @ 2.50 ea.
6) Coke or Pepsi 12 pack cans product 4 for $9..00 (that’s 18.4c a can with the in add coupon)(add to it , the manufacturers coupon in the Spencers add for $2.00 off any 3 Coke 12 can fridge packs and then the price goes down to 14.7c a can ) buy some for the youth room vending machine!!!
7) Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese .99c with in add coupon (limit 2) plus the Manufacturers coupon in the Spencers add for .50c off of 2 8 oz. pkgs. and you will be getting them for .74c ea.

@ Spencers
O.K. they have decent enough sales but this week they have some Manufacturers coupons in there add that (if they come to your house, no extra driving) you can combine at another (listed above) store to make an even better deal!

@ Vons
Did you know…That a Yam has an orangish flesh, while the Sweet Potato actually has a yellow toned flesh!? I didn’t know until I got a killer recipe from my sister in law that involved actual Sweet Potatoes.
I am not a Yam fan.

8) Sweet potatoes or yams .39c lb.
9) 7-Up or A & W 2ltr.s 3 for $1.00
10) Lucern Yogurt buy 4 for free (a great deal, provided they are not more than .80c ea.)

As always, be sure to check out your adds for the details. If you don’t receive one, they are always at the front of the store.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Kristen Pauls

3 responses to “Kris’s top 10 Grocery Savers”

  1. Thanks, Kris. This really helps with all the Thanksgiving shopping I have to do!


  2. Thanks, for the “deposite”! I am glad to know it is a blessing.


  3. we love top tens’ kris is the best shopper!!!


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