Kris’s Top 10 Grocery Savers

1143171_engmarketFor the week of Wed. Nov 11th – Tue. Nov. 17th

@ Spencer’s

1) Foster Farms fresh chicken .99c lbs./skin and bone (Great for a B-B-Q!)

2) Radishes and Green Onion 4 for $1.00

3) Light & Fit Yogurt 10 for $3.00 w/ in ad. coupon

@ Vons

 Did you know…That when you purchase beef at the meat counter they will (at no extra charge) grind it for you!

4) Rancher’s Res. Boneless round steak (cube it for a lean beef stew)

5) By Popular Demand $5.00 Turkey!!!!!! (up to 16 lbs. w/ $25.00 purchase

6) Extra Jumbo Raw Gulf Shrimp (16 to 20 ct.) 6.99lb. (feels like such a splurge)

7) Large Hass Avocados 3 for $1.00

8) Red Ripe Tomatoes on vine .87c lb.  

9) Green Giant Canned Veggies .49c ea. (savings up to $1.46 a can)

10) Crisp Bartlett Pears 38.c lb (Sat. & Sun.)

This was a hard one… There are so many good foods on sale this week. Definitely get the ad’s when you go! Just think, the money you save on avocados alone could get you several decks of cards for playing a rousing game of Nerts with your closest friends! As always, be sure to check out your adds for the details. If you don’t receive one they are always at the front of the store.

 Kristen Pauls

2 responses to “Kris’s Top 10 Grocery Savers”

  1. Thanks Kris!


  2. So glad you are posting these. love, love, love it!!!!


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