Name Your Dream …

As you may have heard, at our retreat at Camp Koinonia we had a ‘Name Your Dream’ board set up and we were to each ‘name our dream’ on a slip of paper. Let’s see if you can guess who had which dream …

  • Write a book using my experiences & what God’s done to encourage other women.
  • To be a disciple of Christ – with wisdom beyond my years. That I may be earth + Spirit! To see all move in Truth, Set Free. A Counselor/Therapist.
  • To be a Dancer !!
  • Older women teaching younger.
  • I want to be a woman that pleases God. I want to live my life so close to Him that I am constantly in the awe of His presence. Specific, smaller dreams are still vague.
  • Hospice volunteer.
  • To serve the Lord in creating a love for Him in my children. To serve Him much much more in my church. To get more intimate with Him. To take one of my inventions and follow it through.
  • Play the guitar for the Lord!
  • Write & record songs.
  • A mom.
  • Minister of words and the Word.
  • To be an emergency foster care parent! And eventually have a bigger house to be a permanent foster parent!
  • Finish school. Nurse-RN to the drug addicts, ER, Mission field – raise my girls to know Jesus – walk in freedom & truth. Establish my dog business. Grow old with my best friend, my husband & evangelize to the lost together.
  • I am going to start teaching in our DTS – I feel called to teach on the Great Commission & Discipling Nations. And I am going to China.
  • Minister to people who are dealing with cancer.
  • Photography ~ to glorify God & to bing in income!
  • Lord said “I have a plan for your life – you will be born I love you”.
  • I will mentor or disciple other women, encourage & love them.
  • Worshipper, praise & worship leader, preacher of the gospel, prophetic counselor
  • To make kids feel loved and safe. Minister to teens. Write books that bring glory to God. My most important dream is to honor God with my life.
  • Serving others in new capacities ~ including mission trips!
  • Missionary to young children in Africa.
  • Learn to glean, have more money.
  • That the Lord will show me my place in the body of Christ and that I will be used to His glory.
  • A best selling published author. A good mommy & wife. An excellent teacher to kids & pastor to all.
  • A secure person in the Word.
  • Go back to school.
  • Christian Camp for kids from the city based on a ranch theme and using ranch animals and horses as ministry tools.
  • rescuing abused or neglected children. Fostering or adopting. I’ve always thought I would have a lot of children.
  • For now I see the Lord directing me to be a mother to the mother/fatherless that He has put in my life. I’d love to have a B & B or home to open for people who need a respit someday.
  • Wife and mom to my family. Show them who Christ is thru dishes, laundry & dinner. Labor & delivery nurse or midwife. Tree of Life.
  • A well paid childrens book writer. Non-fiction book writer. Retreat speaker … leading women into healing and knowing they are beautiful & loved by just “being” who they are.
  • I will carry peace with me in a powerful way. I will bless my family in many new ways. I will disciple young people …
  • To make wooden vases.
  • I love talking with strangers.  Show me Lord where?
  • Husband supporter.
  • Mother of nations.
  • God has made it perfectly clear that I am to SLOW DOWN, take many things off my full plate, until my body heals, then THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!
  • To just be there for children by being an example & showing them love. Whether it be sick kids, homeless kids or every child that comes through my day care business.
  • Be the visionery behind the opening of a spirit-filled Christian school!
  • Use my passion and gifts to bring supernatural revelation of the kingdom – REVIVAL – to Father’s House, to Atascadero and beyond!
  • A well paid freelance writer & Truth teacher!

2 responses to “Name Your Dream …”

  1. Carolyn V Watson Avatar
    Carolyn V Watson

    Maybe here in the comment section, you’d like to ‘Name Your Dream’!


  2. We have some truly incredible women at Father’s House. These dreams speak of great faith. Imagine the possibilities!

    What if we print this list and put it in our prayer journal as a reminder to bring these dreams before the Lord. He who has begun a good work in you (by planting the seed of His plan) will be faithful to complete it!


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