Kris’s Top 10 Grocery Savers


Looking to save a little, stock a little, give a little, then this might be somthin’ for you!

I tend to shop everywhere to make the pennies stretch and I’m always wanting to share my favorite deals with my friends so here ya go….

For the week of Wed. Nov 4th – Tue. Nov. 10th.

@ Albertsons

1) Michelina’s Budget Gourmet .49c ea.

2) Large Avocado .50c ea.

@ Spencers

3) Fresh Ckn. Leg Quarters .49c lb. 

4) White Onion 4 lbs for $1.00 

5) Navel Oranges 2 lbs for $1.00

Did you know……That for every gram of fiber found per serving (like in english muffins), because of the way your body metabolizes it, it’s like taking off 10 calories. So check those lables!

@ Von

6) Safeway TURKEY $5.00 up to 16 lb.s (Get one for the shelter or a needy family you know)!

7)  Gala Apples .47c lb.

8) Free: Eggs, O.J., Bacon, & English Muffins (Try the whole wheat!) with coupons and a $50.00 purchase.

9)  Cereal by General Mills such as Cheerios $1.50 (buy 4 get $4.00 off). There are lots of items around the store. 

10)  Boneless Skinless Ckn. Breasts $1.77 lb.

 As always, be sure to check out your ads for the details. If you don’t receive one they are always at the front of the store.

 Kristen Pauls

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