Kris’s Top 11 Grocery Savers

photo by Nadia Jasmine

This week’s Top 10 (er, make that 11), by Kristen Pauls

For the week of Wed. Oct. 28th–Tue. Nov. 3rd. 

@ Albertsons
1) Farmer John Boneless Pork Loin Roast, 1.99 lb.
2) Kellogg’s Cereal. $1.88 (If you are looking for low sugar options, Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, and Crispix are good.)
3) On Thurs., with the in add coupon Albertsons Ice Cream is $1.99 ea. (limit 2)
@ Spencers
A great thing about Spencers is the local produce. The fresher the food the more nutrients it contains.
4) Tri Tips, $2.59 lb.
5) 10 lb. bag Russet Potatoes, $1.50 ea.
6) Fugi Apples, 59c lb.
7) Red Onions, 59c lb.
8) Mushrooms, 99c pkg. (Thurs. only) 
@ Vons
9) Satsuma Mandarins, 5 lb. Bag $3.99
10) Candy Red or Caramel Apples, $1.00 each.(Instead of making them with the Family, skip that mess and have “Excellent Eating Time”) together.
11) Vons 100% Apple Juice, 88c with in ad. coupon ( limit 3)
I’m thinking that a juicy Tri Tip smothered in saute`d mushrooms and onions, baked potatoes and steamed veggies are sounding good. For dessert ice cream or caramel apples,….yumYum.
As always, be sure to check out your adds for the details. If you don’t receive one they are always at the front of the store. Have you been thinking of ways to multitask your moments? Try the grocery co-op “I’ll go to Traders if you go to Spencers”, a grocery-run carpool “Lets shop together”or visit cool friends on the other end of town, but before you stay up and play Rock-band all night save some energy for one store!
Kristen Pauls

2 responses to “Kris’s Top 11 Grocery Savers”

  1. the silva gang got a plug…. I want one Kris!!!hehe… that made me feel warm>


  2. For the lowest prices on name brand groceries, go online, plus with free delivery via FedEX, I have not found one of my favorite brands which were higher than Walmarts which is our lowest price grocery store in area, 28 miles away, but I wanted to compare with the lowest area prices first before being convinced.

    Well, after having three orders delivered, and saving over $121. to date, I am now convinced, as everyone else will be in low prices and great service. My wife went to nearest market about 12 miles away and picked up meat and fresh vegetables and was in and out in 20 minutes, a record breaking short time for her. Usually she is two hours plus in store, so if you are looking for more free time as well as saving money, check out and if you are into fresh organic produce, check out


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