Kris’ Top 10 Grocery Savers

104692_fresh_food(Kris Pauls has submitted these grocery deals just for you. Stay tuned for more next week!)

Looking to save a little, stock a little, give a little, then this might be somthin’ for you!

I tend to shop everywhere to make the pennies stretch and I’m always wanting to share my favorite deals with my friends so here ya go….

For the week of Wed.Oct. 21st-Tue. Oct.27th.

@ Albertsons

1) Boneless Skinless Ckn. breasts 1.77lb.

2) Fresh Asparagus 1.49lb.

3) 10 items for $10. that include Al.’s brand sour cream, mini marshmallows, Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa, and Campbells soups.

@ Spencers

4) Local tomatoes .79c lb.

5) Hass Avocados .39c ea. (Thurs.only)

6) Galla apples 3 lb. bag .99c (Thurs. only)

7) Reg. carrots 1 lb. bag 4 for $1.00

@ Vons

8) Red seedless grapes .77c lb.

9) Top round London Broil 1.77 lb. (extremely lean)

10) 10 items or lb.s for $10 which include :Fresh express salad or spinach, yellow or red onion lb.s, peeled baby carrots 1lb.bag, and Gala apples

Be sure to check out your adds for the details. If you don’t receive one they are always at the front of the store. Need meal ideas, call me?!

 Too much driving you say?…Think of ways to multitask your moments: 

A grocery co-op: “I’ll go to Traders if you go to Spencers”.

A grocery-run carpool: “Lets shop together”or visit cool friends on the other end of town.”

But before you stay up and play Rock-band all night, save some energy for one store!

 Kristen Pauls

2 responses to “Kris’ Top 10 Grocery Savers”

  1. this is awesome Kris way to share your wisdom!!! thank you!


  2. i like having the bargain info right here on my computer instead of in the newspapers messing up my dining room table. i always throw away the ads cuz of the clutter. thanks.

    i also like the idea of co-op shopping. saves time and builds in that relationship time I am always wishing i had more of.

    awesome, kris!


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