re-treat yourself!

When I look at the word re-treat it makes me think we need to Re … treat ourselves with a weekend away!  The list is at 34 now.  It’s going to be lots of fun!  If you haven’t signed up yet, we’d love to have you go.  Besides the normal retreat stuff there’s lots of other fun possibilities. 

* a beautiful path to walk *
* a beautiful path to walk *

We’ll have a table out front this Sunday … I hope you’ll stop by and sign up!

2 responses to “re-treat yourself!”

  1. Can’t wait to breathe the mountain air, get closer to the Lord and to my Forever Girlfriends, and laugh, laugh, laugh. I’m definitely ready to RE-TREAT myself!


  2. will there be sorbet, to start the weekend off with a fresh clean palate? hehehe!


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