Girlfriends Go to School

910927_school_busCalling all eternal students, wannabe grads, graduates, teachers, and girlfriends!

Blackboards, textbooks, pencils, paper and bagged lunches—remember those days?

Bring something for Show and Tell, enjoy fun-filled classes, and play in our playground! Don’t be a dropout . . . the school bell will ring at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 6th,  at Father’s House.

Tuition is free, but we invite you to bring school supplies or a new backpack for the kids at the ECHO homeless shelter. 

Bring a friend who might find it insightful to hang out with a group of Christian women and discover that they really do know how to have fun. Sometimes that is all it takes for a woman to become open to the gospel. Join us for school, girlfriends style!

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