Care and Share

MEALS: Elizabeth and Jason Howell and new baby Emily (8/9/09)

If you would like to make a meal (or send money if cooking isn’t your thing) for the Howell family, please bring it to church, Sunday August 16. I will be taking meals and money to them in San Simeon after church. Just put Howell on your dish and I’ll get it to them.

This is an awesome ministry. Speaking from experience there is nothing like bringing a new baby home and not having to worry about making dinner.

If you have an questions please call Bekah 276-7072

As a reminder I currently have the following people already bringing a dish on Sunday:
Mindy Meade
Christina Silva
Debra Weber
Val Sizemore (friday night meal)
Angela Rayher

One response to “Care and Share”

  1. Hi Bekah,
    I’ll try to remember to bring something on Sunday.


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