SAS group

SASOur SAS group originated as the Sisters Acting Sassy for ladies ages 30-44 years sophisticated. This group was formed to give us younger girls a group that would hold us over until we became old enough to be a part of the PMS group- which by the time we young’ens are ripe for the PMS-ers, the PMS-ers will have started the GMS club~ Geriatric Matrons Society. But for now the hope was that a group of our own may hold us off for a bit.

As for this group we are a bunch of down right feisty girls who are looking to have a great time, get to know the girls around us and laugh a lot. Some of us are going through times that only God can understand and others of us wish that we could understand for Him. Others are blissfully married with children and wondering how we got there, while some are just wandering.

We gather together as women to strengthen one another, learn from one another and to seek deeper accountability to the Christian walk itself. How can we love our neighbor who is not even a Christian yet, if we can not love one another in our Daddy’s family.

Well for now SAS remains with a face of innocence and peace, while inside each one of us brews with longing for the deepest revelation of God’s love for us: that there will be no more mundane living–but a life full of God extraordinarily using us–His extremely ordinary gals!!!

Kisses and hugs from Jesus through us to you!!!! SAS

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