We are the MyPods! The mighty mighty MyPods!!! Our group (18-29 year olds) are called the MyPods. We get together quarterly to have some fun and let loose. Most of us are married with children, but when we get together we leave that all behind and come together as Women Of God. If you aren’t married or have children you will not be forgotten by us. We welcome you with open arms and encourage you to hang out with us.

Our goal is to bring together the younger generation as sisters going through the same struggles and joys in life. We want to build ralationships within our group and within our church family. We want to take from the older women their wisdom and to give back whatever we can. If you are looking for fun people to be with and a place to build relationships come join the MyPods.

One response to “MyPods”

  1. Carolyn V Watson Avatar
    Carolyn V Watson

    Sounds like fun Bekah! Wish we had a MyPod group when I was younger!


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