Fran’s Ice Cream Musings

photo by Elaine Tan
photo by Elaine Tan

When we think of long hot summer days, I wonder how many of us rush to the store to stock up on ice cream.  Some of us have ice cream in our freezer all year round, and others seem to think that the summer months is the only times to buy ice cream.

Either way is fine, but let me challenge you NOT to buy any ice creams this summer. That’s right. DON’T buy any ice cream. Now I have your attention don’t I?

You don’t need to buy ice cream. Instead, plunge in to your own ice cream lab and mix lots of wonderful flavors together as you experiment with different concoctions. You will be AMAZED at what wonderful ideas you can come up with and take it from me (someone who has made her own ice creams for several years); the homemade ones are better for you and taste heavenly.

For those of you with smaller kids (Ok, not necessarily smaller, because even my grown kids love to do this) you can turn your experiment in to a new family activity by all going to farmers market together, and choosing fresh fruit, cream and eggs, et voila!

All you need is a little bit of an adventurous spirit, lots of creativity and a wonderful sense of humor. All qualities that the Lord has, and He asks that we follow His example, so we MUST follow in His footsteps if we are to be good, obedient little daughters!

So, rather than giving you any of my own recipes here, I urge you to just break out your ice cream maker if you have one. (I am amazed at how many people have them, but never use them). If you don’t have one, you can find good ones at a very reasonable price in the store. Or, if you are like me who doesn’t own one, you can borrow one. Or just make ice cream by hand with out an ice cream maker. It really is very easy, and fun too.

Next, go online to look up some new and interesting ice cream recipes which use flavors that you may not have tried yet. There are so many ideas out there that you won’t be disappointed. Get away from plain old vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. How about trying to make your own lemon sorbet, or coconut ice cream with coconut milk?

Most ice creams start with either a custard base which is made with milk, cream, eggs and sugar. Other recipes use fresh fruit and cream…whipped together and frozen. Yes, it is just THAT simple!

The Challenge is now on. I DARE you to break out of your normal ice cream mold (ha ha, funny…!) and live a little…on the edge. In fact, you should all come up with your own unique recipe.

I think we should have an evening of homemade ice cream tasting at one of our Heart to Hearts this summer!  – a little like wine tasting but with a difference – no wine…unless you put it in your ice cream of course – now THAT’S a great idea….mmm…sherry ice cream…I’m going back to my lab!


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