A Cool Blog for Moms

2008 babies
2008 babies
Hi Ladies,

Since I am laid up with a broken foot this summer, I have been spending time researching markets for internet writing. This is needed for me because the paper market for an author is drying up. The combination of a bad economy and a good internet economy provides a new outlet for my writing.

This means that I have been able to explore some great websites and blogs. I found a cool blog called Simple Mom that I thought some of you young moms might enjoy. Plus it has some great articles for those of us still with teens in the house! Let us know what you think of this blog by leaving a comment (comment button below). Enjoy!

One response to “A Cool Blog for Moms”

  1. Thanks for the blog link Susan! I love it! I’ve been exploring it today and visiting the links it has too. I like the list site they recommend too!


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